Obsessive Domain

My past and present minds are two fraternal twins.

They relate from the same body yet clash because of the different experiences with time.

Every time I settle quietly in my room zoned into the unknown with my regular ginger tea, I can’t help but cut out the different hopes and dreams I have now, compared to when I was young.

My past mind was wild and I can’t help but laugh at some of the goals I had.

At some point in time I wanted to grow into a body builder and guard my siblings from harm.

For any friend who knows me now, this is beyond hilarious to them.

Since part of the glue between my past and present wore off, I coped with reality and quenched my past mind with reads that would float me to the sky and expose me to the Earth’s orbit (wild thoughts).

For the crazy dreams, a full muscular body like Serena William’s, I found refuge in the Divergent series.

I climbed posts, jumped from moving trains, wore the coolest Gothic attires, badass hair styles and did martial arts.

Come on now!

From the movie, I fell in love with its beginning, the slow melodious background music, the natural scent of a faraway world and the different colors of personalities.

After that wholeness, I couldn’t help flex imaginary muscles from my upper arm.

Maybe there is hope, or the past is just the past!

Happy Reading 💚









Image Credits to: Sarah Dorweiler


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