Staying Power

I have a casual rhythmic way of packing up after Work.

It is a symphony that I play all the way to the bus stop.

If you hover over the city you will see the choir formed by estranged people doing the same thing.

There is hard work and persistence; and persistence was standing at the front of the bus today.

The same man, for the past years, made the same performance everyday and yet I never saw him fidget or change any of his patterns.

He sold children’s books in the bus with a passionate husky voice; and some of the books looked long overdue but he sold them like his life depended on it.

A retired professor maybe.

From the greeting, to his first statements and his facial expression, it’s all Déjà vu.

He carried an old green tattered bag that had one handle which he would throw over his head whenever he was done.

And on his hand he could carry more than 15 books as he walked his way to the back of the bus and later alight with his vulture eyes aiming for the next bus to get into.

Saying goodbye would be a waste since he would be back with his own symphony in place again; persistence.

I will call him James Matlock, and discover his inner roar in time.

If you have read The Matlock Paper by Robert Ludlum, you have met him too.

Happy Reading 💚


The Matlock Paper

Image Credits to: Jared Rice


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