The Power of Choice

Till now, I can’t help but have that pang of fear when am about to make a choice.

One choice can drain you like a waste pipe or make you triumph.

Samantha Sweeting ….dear child! How you ended up leaving a law career that you held on to for more than 5 years in the best and most prestigious law firm, and still stood tall and hopeful, is just astounding.

If there was a way we would be certain that we would finish school and get a job by employers like Samantha’s, then by now a large number of us would have been employed faster than the lightning itself.

Room for growth, extra love and care, understanding, no working on Saturdays, provided all equipment needed for household, who wouldn’t want that?

What did I learn about the power of choice?

The choice you make may be manipulated by others. It is up to you to sanely communicate with oneself and know what you want.

One choice leads us to making another choice, and another and another.

Samantha became a housekeeper after losing her job and despite having not planned to be one and fate bringing it to her, she decided to go for it.


She loved her less paying

job with the freedom to breathe away from papers, waste time waiting for bread to bake and just sitting around and talking to random people other than clients. Such a sweet relief.

However, the past tends to crawl back to our lives one way or another. Her law life nerved her from time to time and she lost her sanity when she made a discovery.

A discovery that put her on the fence.

To go back to law or remain as a housekeeper,

Move from a less paying job to a highly paid one,

Returning to the boring life of cases and law suits than remaining in the beautiful countryside with fresh air and orange-like sunsets,

Becoming a partner in the law firm or remain in the place where she will be a wife to a man she fell in love with, Nathaniel,

Losing her reputation as a housekeeper or having prestige as one of the best.

Flip the pages to reveal the choice she made.

Happy Reading 💚


The Undomestic Goddess

Image Credits to: Jared Rice



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