Cracked Darkness

In this world there are two types of people: the ones certain on what they want and those still searching for an unknown fate to find their cracked darkness.

Being in the dark creates a crazy confusion of perceptions.

What should I do? What am I doing? Who am I? Am I just a paper girl or paper boy? Have I escaped from the crack of the darkness that hovers me?

I know you are asking, who is a paper girl/boy?

One who exists but in a great oblivion.

The desire to explore oneself is our nature and  inevitable.

And that’s what Margo Roth Spiegelman did.

She disappeared from a routine of life and left off searching for her purpose and her reason.

Paper Towns is such a poetic read.

The reader needs to read in between the lines to understand where the author is headed.

Quentin knew what he wanted in life, he was sure of his life goals despite the desire to come out of his cocoon.

Margo on the other hand, let us just say she wanted to explore the boundaries beyond her friends and family.

She disappeared, fled and vanished.

But definitely love strides along John Green’s books.

Quentin loved Margo and he was willing to find any clues to find her whether dead or alive; filled with maggots or still smelling as fresh as daisy.

Dead or Alive!

Did he find her? Will she get through her cracked darkness and find her way through the unknown strings of her fate?

John Green, I have so many questions:

What happened to Margo after the end?

Did she reach to her destination?

Did Quentin get to work for his dad?

Did he communicate with Margo after the end?

Dear John Green,

Please write a sequel for this book.

With Love,

Happy Reading 💚


Paper Towns

Image Credits to: Jon Eric Marababol


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