Reward of Appreciation

Episode 1 

Thank you – two powerful words with a strong meaningful impact.

Ever wondered why good things happen to certain people all the time?

They humbly move on with life and still life brings more joy to them?

They mentally ask for positivity and the universe conspires to provide.

It’s not by their power, destiny or fate.

It’s by what they give back to the universe.

Appreciation being part of it.

The element of being grateful comes a long way.

Man is a society thus cannot leave alone.

Being grateful to others and the circumstances at current shows our mindfulness with the universe.

I was inspired by Paulo Coelho to come up with this session called Throne of Wisdom just to appreciate Paulo‘s teachings in his book Warrior of the Light.

You see what I just did.

But seriously, I am deeply thankful to him and other than my best friend, he is the next best thing in my life.

A blessing to humankind!

To say the least, be grateful however big or small a situation is.

You will be amazed by how much more will bounce back at you.

Happy Reading 💚


Warrior of the Light

Image Credits to: Brooke Lark


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