Loveless Dynasty

Take a walk with me into the unknown lane.

A loveless world.

Human Beings doing the needful to others but with no emotion or affection, and behave like robots or androids, but with flesh and breathing.

These thoughts merge from the famous Lauren Oliver; the Delirium series, my second favorite series after the Divergent series.

The first book, Delirium, talks about a world where love is an epidemic disease.

Once one is detected with a pinch of it, he or she is isolated from the society.

Lena fell helplessly in love and her life as an outcast began.

Her journey fueled me with this prose:

Amora Deliria Nervous,

A doting disease that saves and kills,

Brings joy and sadness.

With no cure, it consumes and devours you,

the condemner and condemned.

Gives and takes your breathe away.

It’s as magical as the moon,

and yet as dangerous as the burning sun.

Life without love is life without living.

Amora Deliria Nervosa,

flows till eternity.


Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to:  Tiago Perestrelo


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