Our Salad Days


Episode 2

The joy of youth.

The fresh skin that has not decayed yet with the long stay on earth.

The positive and fun appearance of the world due to lack of exposure.

The desire to try new things and explore on the immeasurable.

Being young sounds so refreshing and limitless

Our young, undetermined and immature minds have led us to want to walk through many paths and explore different road maps which for some, we are advised by our elders not to.

But we believe we know better.

From Paulo Coelho‘s enlightenment, if you look into the mind of an elder and his concept of choice, there is a trait on the conclusion of a decision; a long-lasting preference.

Looking into the mind of a youth, one cannot see any further than the end of his or her nose. We do not look at so much.

We believe that, that exact time is the right time and if we don’t do it at that time, there will be no other time.

No crunch time!!

As youth, we should learn the power of patience.

Inhale the bowl of advice from our elders.

Avoid transient decisions that lead nowhere and settle on a fruitful and rewarding basis.

Our choices in our salad days mould our future days.

Freedom comes with consequences.

Let us quench our thirst for our ambitions, talents and passion and secure ourselves from the temporary actions that bring regret, confusion and distress.

Happy Reading 💚


Warrior of the Light

Image Credits to:  Levi Guzman


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