What it takes

We all have something that we call our natural endowments.

Our God-given talents!

Some people exhaust them fully, others are yet to have that desired platform to turn up.

I will admit, it’s hard to focus on a talent that does not bring bread to the table; difficult and demoralizing.

However, there’s joy that comes with doing what you are gifted in.

The happiness is pure and genuine.

The consequence of it leads to another opportunity to do more with what you have.

Maggie Stiefvater portrays Deirdre Monaghan (Dee) who blossoms in her music talent and eventually realizes that she can see faeries thus a cloverhand!

With that, she is able to save an unknown world ruled by an evil queen who has captured the soul of her one true love; Luke.
It’s truly fiction, But we always learn something here and there.

With talent, you will always have what it takes. It’s yours.

Trust in what you have and own it.

Take that first step and amaze yourself.

What if you fail the first time?

Always remember Failure is always part of success

If you enjoy YA reads, this is yours.

Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to:  russn_fckr



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