Know it. Own it


Episode 4

We have so much surrounding our territories and they all have ownership. Some are yours, your partner’s, your parents, and the society’s.

Since we don’t own it all, we are in shortage of certain possessions.

We wish we had it at a snap of a finger but it’s a process.

Know your reason for that desire, understand the ways of ownership; it could be working hard or working smart or playing around with any other opportunity out there.

But please don’t get me wrong.

Stealing is out of the picture. Owning someone else’s possession through theft or trickery does not make you the just owner.

Moreover, it’s hard for a thief to appreciate hard work if he never practiced it in the first place and hard for him to understand it’s worth.

He just went for the easy way out which definitely harmed or affected the possessor negatively.

According to Paulo Coelho, when you want something, get to know about that which you want.

Understand the ways of owning it and work hard towards it.

Patience is a virtue and true ownership has no shortcuts.

Know it. Own it.

With the right mentality and morale to make the first step of owning it, you will be reducing the distance between you and your want.

Happy Reading 💚


Warrior of the Light

Image Credits to:  Alberto Castillo Q.


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