History repeats itself

“I am here. But I have been here before. Or have I? Maybe someone told me about this place. But it feels so real….I must have touched this grounds or it’s just a deja vu. Could it? “, my mind tends to whirl around like that sometimes.

Ever had it before?

You feel like something is happening all over again. Same place. Same time. Same everything.

Like walking through a maze and passing through the same paths you passed few minutes ago over and over again.

That’s what Daniel Grigori was going through every time.

But unlike us, he knew when history was repeating itself.

He knew when it would be happening all over again and he would see Luce Price in a different character again.

Sadly, when Luce would meet him in the many times in history, she always felt some deja vu; she had seen him before but she was never sure.

She didn’t even know she had lived and died so many times in a turbulent past.

Lauren Kate portrays a dangerous world where fallen angels live among the humans. Love is exposed between the two beings; Daniel and Luce.

Luce being inhuman, always saw the Shadows cast wherever she went.

Daniel tries to protect Luce this time so that she does not die all over again.

The only way that will happen is if he stays away from her which he’s willing to do.

The only problem is, Luce is already drawn to him and his adonic character which reminds me of Michael Ealy .

Being sank into a dangerous world where purple and dark wings flap and fight over the forbidding sky and everyone is always suspicious and alert, just makes me uneasy on my seat.

I read through the Fallen Series ceaselessly and if there is a bookgasm out there, I had one.

An explosive series that will keep you repeating history all over again, mostly in the second and third books.

A story within a story.

Happy Reading 💚









Image Credits to:  Alexander Andrews


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