Tells his Kenyan tale

In the tropical climate of the beautiful country Kenya lives a man; a leader; a father; a husband; a brother; a son; an African man.

He is known of his eloquent voice across different television channels, his sleek look and high sense of humor. After the launch of his new book I had an itchy trigger finger.


I have to hand it to him, the flow of the story is exquisite. The English, simple and clear. The pictures, holding their own story.

I went through his memory lane and got to know his full story at first hand.

He portrays:

the African depth and breadth,
the African sage and scholar,
the African hate and resentment,
the African empathy and soul,
the African hope and pipe dream.

When Jeff says, “All Kenyan All The Time”, am beginning to understand from his past more than the present.

He was more than just for Kenya, his presence was felt in different countries. Africa!

It’s humbling to know one of your own.

Took my time flipping through the 253 pages.

I can now say I am familiar with Jeff Koinange and respect him even more.

Happy Reading 💚


Through My African Eyes

Image Credits to:   mingwei dong


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