Through thick and thin

Khaled Hosseini lines down the existence of true loyalty.

An attribute that is hard to find and have.

It has been long since I read a book that made me so pissed off with one specific character in that I would want them to come to life right in front of me.

I will never forget how Amir, the wealthy boy, let his one and true friend and brother, Hassan, to undergo so much pain, suffering and shame.

 I couldn’t help but blow a fuse whenever Amir isolated himself from Hassan.

He even thought twice to take care of Hassan’s son. After all that Hassan had done for him?

Despite the fury within the book , The Kite Runner, I ended up tearing at the final pages.

This book gave me too many types of emotions. I have never wanted to scold a character as much as Amir and still hold hands with Hassan.

Khaled is wise though. I know what you did Sir.

With a black mood because of what Amir did to Hassan, I couldn’t help but flip to the next page and the next and the next.

Next thing I know the book is over.

Very clever Mr. Khaled.

From the book, Hassan shows loyalty and true friendship. He stands by Amir, who he considers as his brother since childhood.

His love for his brother is pure and genuine with nothing in return.

We should always hold on to such people. People who are trustworthy and loyal. We should mirror those types of people as well.

Hassan brushed some good vibes on me.

The deed of good friendship!

“For you, a thousand times over”.

The best book to critic and evaluate on.

Happy Reading 💚


Kite Runner

Image Credits to:   Everton Vila


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