Strictly non-stop

I have been drugged with her words,

The passion that flows with her scenes,

Guilty pleasures that evolve from within,

The sudden pauses just to breathe,

The long for more chapters of honey,

The lust to devour the teasing paragraphs,

The pages hot with passion,

I have been drugged.

Nora Roberts has a way of kidnapping you from reality and lifting you up to a fairy tale that tickles your fancies and speeds your heartbeat with infatuation .

I bought two of her Book Series a time back. Thinking I was buying just two big standalone novels by her, little did I know , one book contained two books of her series Stars, which is a trilogy.

Funny enough, the third book of that series was in the second book I bought which, guys you won’t believe this, contained three books; the last book in the Stars series and 2 books from the Treasures series.

A whole lot to read.

Flash got nothing on me when I invaded her work.

I started with the Stars series and I was in love so many times and towered high with Cade Parris, Jack Dakota, Seth Buchanan and finalized in the Treasures series with Ky Silver.

I was in a zone that even a snap of a finger couldn’t bring me back.

I can evidently say I was a player, fully guilty.

Guilty of continuous love, lust, sex. Passion anyone?

Sadly, everything that has a start must have an end.

I marathon-ed through five fairy tales that pulled me further into a delightful paradise.

Nora Roberts, my Love Queen.

Happy Reading 💚


Hidden Star


Captive Star


Secret Star


Treasures Lost & Found

Image Credits to:   Hitoshi Suzuki


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