Make believe


  Percy Jackson and I would make a love nest.

During his quest, just when you think there is no hope for him to win, he surprises you.

Thrilling in a good way.

With  Rick Riordan’s books, I will believe anything laid on the platter like a child.

When the mind is as fragile as a house of cards,

I meet face-to-face with the gods, their daughters and their sons,

Fighting forces beyond nature,

Escaping to an unknown world through a zone,

Conflicting between half bloods and one-eyed creatures.

The affair with such reads is that you have to imagine that world; make believe.

Otherwise you will be lost and confused and miss out on the gentle scenes.

One is reborn through the pages and slides through the slippery slopes of Camp Half-Blood till the end.

Action and then some.

Read if you believe.

Happy Reading 💚


Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief


Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters


Image Credits to:   Bailey Zindel


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