A cherry on top

Romance is the forbidden sweet fruit,

Fantasy is shading off the reality and indulging into the unknown,

Non-fiction is patriotism to the words of the existing.

But when it comes to anything that involves undercover or investigations, now that is my cherry on top.

I consider Stephen Leather and Robert Ludlum  my two Author fathers; made the title up.

It feels so good to go through an investigative story and unfold the truth; the villain; the unseen criminal.

The best part from the two books I have read by Stephen  Leather, Hungry Ghost and Tango One, is that you get to realize the main culprit is the one you least expect.

The drama life of a reader.

Sensational and delightful.

If you want a taste of this spoonful, grab the reads.

Still , there is more of Stephen Leather’s books

Happy Reading 💚


Hungry Ghost


Tango One

Image Credits to:   Debby Hudson



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