The Turbulent Flow

Change is the variance between seconds.

Lena experiences adjustments in her new world after her narrow escape from her home at  New York City, in  Delirium .

This time there is no more routine or comfort zone in Pandemonium

She has to survive to stay hungry for a day or two, sleep on cloth rugs, freeze in the cold, get tormented with Alex memories, fetch water miles away, bury the dead and expect danger at any moment.

Her life is unsteady and wild.

At some point she wonders what if she never crossed the fence?

She is given a mission that will stop the belief about Amora Deliria Nervosa; a chance to get back into the City.

She finds love in the process, the feeling of being touched and looked at by a man.

A man named  Julian  Fineman, the leader of the youth division of the DFA (Deliria Free America); whom so many times reminds her of Alex, her first love.

Does the mission succeed?

Lauren Oliver leaves us hanging till we get into the next read, Requiem.

We have no choice but to read the last book in the trilogy.

Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to:   Jeremy Bishop


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