The Risky Sneak Peek

It’s risky to sneak on something that you should never peek on.

The statement, mind your own business, sometimes just has a validity to it.

Unfortunately, Ari Alexander’s curiosity is too high.

I am dumped into another complicated world filled with two types of existence: the humans( who live on earth )and the Ancients (alien-like beings with a healing body fluid called xylem who live in Loge).

Ancients meet their humans every midnight to gather body nutrients that they lack in their world.

At 16 years old, humans are given body protectors called patches that prevent them from any pain or memory of that exercise.

Ari meets her ancient after losing her patch; the gorgeous and famous Mr. Jackson; unexpectedly a classmate.

Jackson is in a mission to prevent a war and his human, Ari Alexander, is the best in the military sphere.

In the process of being in a dilemma of  whether to  betray her people or not, Ari falls in love with her Ancient; which was mutual but full of confusion.

On the momentous day, she forcefully ends up in their world (Loge) and finds out that the leader of the Ancients (later identified as the grandfather to Jackson) , Zeus, wanted her in his territory all along.

She’s there and once you are in Loge, you can never go back.

Rule No. 1 in Melissa West’s world, Don’t. Ever. Peek.

Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to:   Dawn Armfield


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