All hands on deck, Gone Girl is smoke and mirrors.

Once I read the book, I couldn’t go back to it.

The confusion and the twists.

At one point I am on Amy’s side until when she starts to freak me out and I go to Nick’s side.

Then while reading along and finding out what Nick has done, I am backing up Amy again.

I’m split into two lanes throughout the book.

Who wins? Who makes his/her point clear?





A marriage with villainy!

Marriage is like sailing into the deep sea, far away from the land, to live and survive with this one person who could bring you both happiness and sadness and looking into his/her eyes, it is impossible to scrap out how the future will be, until the future becomes a reality!

Gone Girl is one of those Touch-and-go books.

You read and you’re done.


Trust me, the story will be seared into your mind.

You don’t need to re-read because you get paranoid.

It has a scary aspect to marriage and yet an amazing and thrilling novel.

Messed up with my head though.


Happy Reading 💚


Gone Girl

Image Credits to:   Stefano Pollio


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