Reader’s crown jewel

Welcome to a new session I am introducing to the blog called Reader’s Crown Jewel.

This is a ground to brag, appreciate, emphasize and lay down that which we consider our crown jewels as book lovers.

Who wouldn’t want a beautiful, organised, color coordinated, furnished and personalized home library?

Our books are precious and thus need a precious home, don’t you agree?

I love looking around for inspirations for good libraries and books shelves

Just the idea that I want to keep my books well cared for insanely gets me into the mood of learning more from others.

I noted down some of the things I would consider for my home library.

Watch the Video

Hope you enjoy.

For more inspirations, go to these links:

Design Sponge

Elle Decor

Share what you consider when styling your home library.

Would love to be enlightened by you.


Happy Reading 💚

Image Credits to:   Raj Eiamworakul


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