Sucker for Love

I’m taking a cup of coffee in a sunny afternoon, footloose and fancy free, reclining in a chair.

Just having those days when I need to be awake and my eyes don’t want to co-operate.

I was thinking about Love as I feasted my eyes on the beautiful sky.

There’s a point in life where we all yearn and hope for it.

It’s a mystery and yet an adventure to humankind.

We all need Love, in any form and we all thirst for it.

Desperation is one scary path that enslaves us to the highest bitter.

It’s the disease that consumes one due to the dehydration and impatience for love and we end up being suckers for love.

And once that ounce of energy of desperation consumes you, you better hold on to a big post on the street, because darling, it can lead you to the darkest highway and haunt you for life.

We may come out from it but the much that one endures through that dark road will lead one to question his or her principles and virtues for life.

One turns back to try and mend his or her life with a firm belief that love is for suckers alone.

Love is a very strong illuminated energy and the thirst is even worse.

It’s the strongest emotional power in the universe.

Nobody knows when it will strike.

Happy Reading 💚

Image Credits to:   Olga Vyshnevska



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