Keep the Peace

Episode 5

Reaction is an inevitable act.
It is our nature to react to that which is acted upon us.

However, what counts is how the action-reaction process ends.
I am emphasizing more on the bad actions impacted on us.

Your ego is thirsty to bold itself.
But the ego has no mind.
It will do that which quenches it.

It’s humane to defend one’s self.
But spiritually it’s not always satisfying.

You need that peace and contentment at the end of the war.
With a peaceful conclusion, a better beginning is created.

Isn’t that more paramount?
Finding that which enriches our souls?

Keeping the peace nourishes the soul.
If the soul is deprived that which is good, it rots, decays and dies.

That’s one reason you can’t change some people.

 Let the peace flow like the fresh clean waters of Victoria Falls.

Keep The Peace.


Happy Reading 💚


Warrior of the Light

Image Credits to:   Mika Luoma


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