Algorithm of Love affairs

Let us stroll along the street where geeks are the coolest people in the block.

When I meet a nerd I try to reboot my brain so that I’m ready for any complex algorithm he or she will throw my way.

Trust me, at that time, I am not certain of any valid response, but a clue however small from his or her speech will help me make up one.

Colin, being the child prodigy that he is, gave me the taste of the geek life.

Funny thing he never considered himself a genius. Through the 215 pages he convinces his friends, Hassan and Lindsey, how he’s yet to be a genius.

I don’t care Colin, you are a genius to me.

 He had dated 19 girlfriends by the time he graduated school; all called Katherine.

How he arrived to dating 19 of them? Well, it is none other than the painful act in relationships -being dumped, time and again.

He was a dumpee 18 times and had only one chance to be a dumper.

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green encircles around a young child prodigy that tries to find his essence so as to matter. After 19 relationships, some lasting minutes, days , months and even years, he studies and tries to come up with a theorem that explains the outcomes of his relationships; and all relationships in general using different factors : Age, Popularity Differential, Attractiveness Differential, Dumper/Dumpee Differential and Introvert/Extrovert Differential.

I would give an illustration but I will need to draw a graph; sounding all geeky and transformed.

There is a special appendix explaining Colin’s Theorem. You don’t need to love math. It has been explained pretty easy I must say.

Have a read, you’ll feel too cool for school.

Disclaimer: There’s a twist at the end of it all.

For those who have been in multiple relationships, try to draw the graph using Colin’s Theorem and find out if you were the rightful Dumper or the Dumpee or if you will be either of the two, just for fun.


Happy Reading 💚


An Abundance of Katherines

Image Credits to:   Kevin Cloney


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