Revealing the unknown

One seating with a new author; such fascination.

Kim Harrington is my new novelist.

I’m impressed by the turn of events.

I love investigative tales and Kim gave it to me full plate.

Clarity Fern, a young lady with a special gift called retro cognitive psychometry, is involved in a murder case.

She sees secrets from people’s past by touching their possessions.

It’s equivalent to the TV show Raven but instead of Raven seeing what will happen, she sees what happened- someone’s secretive past.

Clarity rode on to the case pretty well.

Tan scary after encountering 3 murders based on one case.

She declares the unknown and provides a number of suspects with her brother caught up into the mess.

I was clueless buying this book and am happy I did.

Flipping to the last page, I discovered there is a sequel, Perception.

Kim Harrington is my new female version of John Grisham with a twist of supernatural tactics to solve a case.

It’s an engaging read when you combine psychometry and romance (Justin and Gabriel).


Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to:  paul morris


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