Chronicles within the curves

Composing art is like constructing a home.

Every room,  wall structure,  type of ceiling and floor design, the owner has a purpose for the outcome.
It’s art.
One’s art has meaning and a message.

That’s why I acknowledge every good artist I meet.

Their work of art has a story; chronicles to learn and contemplate on.

In Between Shades of Gray, by Ruta Sepetys, I met my own fiction artist.

Lina, a girl whose graphite drew on the surface of my heart, portrayed real visions in my mind and tickled my eyes enough to shade tears of sadness, hope and happiness.

I followed her into the torturous train of thieves and prostitutes, got caught up with maps and snakes and was in touch with ice and ashes.

At the end of the slavery, being forcefully removed from the place called home and losing a mother and father, she showed hope how she held on.

She illustrated the incidents she saw and faced through her drawings ( between shades of gray), got married to Arvydas and buried the drawings of their suffering long enough to be discovered about 50 years later.


Despite the inhuman endurance, there was so much love among the many slaves.

It’s hope and happiness in a heartbroken world.

A beautiful touching read.

Thank you Ruta Sepetys.


Happy Reading 💚


Between shades of gray

Image Credits to:   Clodagh Da Paixao


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