The Looking-glass self

Episode 6

You have just one life.

In movies, one can be cloned to have many copies of him or herself.

But since life is not a movie, reality is all we got, right?

We are our single selves despite having different perceptions of ourselves from different people.

It’s like one time you are an angel to your parents, next thing a devil to your classmates because you did your assignments right.

Our lives are classrooms in which the lives of the people in it are our lessons.

This is a social psychological concept called the looking-glass self created by Charles Horton Cooley in 1902.

The desire to modify oneself and grow to social interactions is like leaving a bowl of milk next to a thirsty cat. It’s inevitable.

Paulo Coelho, once again, you take what we consider as just an act, to be a soul teaching.

According to Paulo, we should take a positive advantage of that concept in our personal lives.

Read the mess in people’s lives and make it a message in yours.

So your classmates hate you because you did your assignment?

That means you are hard working, obedient and gaining knowledge. Knowledge is power. Points for you.

So whenever there is a live mirror standing in your way, take time to teach yourself  something from that which is reflected towards you and let it be an opportunity to mold your life for the better.

Paulo Coelho, you are flooding my soul with the best.


Happy Reading 💚


Warrior of the Light

Image Credits to:  Sasha • Stories


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