Living is Loving series

Have you ever read a book to a point where you finish, and you look away speechless, motionless and your mind gets that ‘ding!’ moment?

You wish someone was around you so that you could pour out the much you have learnt, knowing very well it will need more than a day to blubber everything out.

You start talking because you believe the walls are listening and you smell into the book hoping you will breathe in the words so that they would be stuck forever at the back of your mind.

You want to write all your thoughts down as your mind whirls so fast with them, then you imagine if you only had more than two hands to make that happen.

You lie down smiling at the ceiling, composing yourself and allow the mind to file every thought accordingly so that your words are in order when you start sharing.

I finished the most outstanding and deepest book yet in the year 2016; Adultery by Paulo Coelho

I kid you not, it was like my body, soul, heart and mind understood Paulo’s language.

Before I read this book, I had feedback from people who wouldn’t agree to such a title. Haven’t people heard ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover‘? In this case, its’ title?

Yes it is ironical how the title is Adultery, you bet the story is, but the main lesson is to learn to love.

I have been captivated so much that I am coming up with a new series in my blog called Living is Loving.

It’s a way to share what I learnt through this bundle of wisdom.

Join me as we learn the ways to living whole and of purpose.


Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to: Bruno Sousa


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