The Hunt for Passion

Episode 1

Passion is what makes cooking a beautiful artistic process.

It’s what makes a reader’s experience feel like going to Mars.

It’s what makes motivational speakers share that which fulfills their soul.

It’s what makes us stand out as individuals.

But it requires a lot of self attention to acquire one’s own passion.

The hunt for passion is a self quest.

It requires one to get over his or her fears.

If it’s a new desire and you know that it’s life changing, there is that fear that certain things that you cherish will not carry on the same anymore.

What if your life is constant and a routine?
There is always the fear that you will die fixed in your ways forever.

Some have it under control, other’s don’t.

We want change and at the same time stay constant.

The hunt for passion is a way of growth and worth.

There is joy that comes with doing that which you are passionate about and a lot of sacrifice that comes with it.

Passion is what brought the existence of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Instagram, Facebook, the list goes on and on.

It’s what gives a mother strength to get home from work, feed her family, read bedtime  stories to her kids and lie in bed with her beloved; all in one night.

Explore your passion and learn from others.

Passion is the blue ocean view from the plane.

It’s the fluffy cotton-like clouds that you view from the sky.

It’s the fresh air after a rainfall.

It is beautiful and worthwhile.

It may be hard, but it is possible.


Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to: William Farlow


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