The unofficial state

Lying down in bed mind hollow, I unexpectedly zoned out, lost in different states which explains my melancholic state the past two nights.

Would I cry all day trapped in a ruined building desperately searching for my ‘mama’ because that is all I know?

Would I tense up frequently when the driver goes too fast and imagine an accident that  would break my neck enough to be detached from my body?

Would I commit suicide when I get word that the love of my life passed on this evening having giggled with each other 5 hours ago?

Would I feel empty and lost forever when I have a miscarriage the third time?

Would I stand up for my sister when a negative man threatens to rape her?

Would I die instantly or scream once a bullet passes through my lungs?

Would I kill for food in order for my mother to have something to swallow with her medicine?

Would I fear begging on the street?

Would I allow to be battered by my husband so as not to be left alone with the kids?

Would I steal a gun and use it for a painful revenge?

Would I survive strong as a refugee child or my soul left high and dry?

Would I lead myself to a small cracked shaky boat, that leads to the other side of safety, yet am sure enough I won’t make it even halfway?

Would I act hysterical when a loved one is kidnapped for ransom?

Would I crawl on the streets , being crippled, hopeful for good returns at the end of the day?

Would I run away when the authority comes for me?

Would I surrender my son to a deadly troop so as to gain some basic needs?

Would I act predictable face-to-face with a hungry lion?

Would I give up on relationships when am cheated on?

Would I give up my child after realization that he is handicapped?

Would I feel my bones crack when hit by a car or die instantly?

Would I ran or crawl once I have heard gunshots?

Would I get away with murder?

Would I bribe for freedom?

Would I ignore all these states once I snap out of my zone?

Would my heart be contented with the ounce of happiness in this sad world?

Would I live to survive?

Would I?

The unofficial state refers to the moment when your thoughts are on others.

Snapping out from that zone you can’t help but be show gratitude to the universe.

Happy Reading 💚


Image Credits to: Samuel Zeller


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