A Letter to Depression

Episode 3

Dear Depression,

Well, unlike the times you catch up with me and try to ruin my life, I can be unpredictable too.
There is always time for everything and this time it is just you and me.

Just you and me.

I have been busy in the past few days trying to mend the strings that you cut through my lifetime and I must admit they have been many.

I don’t know why I never realized the magnitude but obviously you always found a way to distract me.

But I  finally repaired them and they are stronger than ever before.

No, don’t get out your planner.

You don’t need to because this time I actually pity you.

No! I fear for you.

I have a plan though, which we need to put into action so that we don’t have to meet eye-to-eye ever again.

There are so many fish in the sea.

Go net yourself another fish that you can poke into.

This fish over here, is free and swimming to the ends of the ocean.

So if you are up for the plan, I will wait for your response letter.

One piece of good news after this letter is that am over and done with you. It really feels good saying it loud. How about that.

That brings me on to something else. Could you get rid of your friends from my life path too? Jealousy, Revenge and the rest of the crew. There is room there on the horizon. Let them roam over there and leave me alone.

I am going back to my good old days and enjoy it whilst I can because life is short.

I have given this a lot of thought.

Start adjusting your busy schedule with a different victim.

It only leaves me to wish you a final goodbye. And a final one it is.

Yours sincerely,

Your ex-victim.

Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to: Jose A.Thompson


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