Africa’s shades of richness

A calm quiet night and am settled in my warm cozy bed.

It is amazing how holding a book at that moment makes the room perfect.

The night is as romantic as it gets.

Chimamanda Ngozi, one of the best storytellers, got me hooked to her words and the African culture brought out in every story.

The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is a collection of beautiful African short stories that flow with your soul.

As am writing, am watching colobus monkeys run around and play with each other. Nature has a way to warm my heart.

Back to the beautiful Chimamanda, I love the different shades of African atmosphere created in the 12 stories.

Each story stands to the meaning of its title.

The African culture is studied through the short stories which envelope the beliefs, taboos, cults and rules of the African people from Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa; but mostly Nigeria.

Africa is rich because of its people, the cultures they create among clans and the way of living that has a reason and a purpose.

Ask about any African cultural activity and you will find out there is a purpose for it and a consequence of not going by the rules.

Just astounding.

Africa – a long intriguing adventure with different shades of richness.

Happy Reading 💚


The Thing around your Neck


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