Soundlessly chilled

Episode 4

In my stay at the resort, my favorite part of the day was the night escort we were always honored with from the restaurant to our cottages.

The escort was a mandatory since during that time of night, hippos came to the land and walked as far as to where our residences were.

Since I came for the retreat, I had only one escort; Mr. X.

I loved how every time he escorted me, he had an amazing story to go with it. I will admit some were scary.

Don’t tell me how two fishermen were killed by a hippo when we are on route in the dark trying to get to cottage No.62, which to be honest guys it was far enough from he  restaurant.

But I loved all his stories. I felt that soundless chill mode where the only feeling that mattered was the thrill from his stories.

I should tell him he has a hidden talent but it will be my loss since I might not get to meet him again in that resort.

There are two things I was nutrition-ed with during that escort: distress and distraction.

I loved the way he distracted me from my day-to-day worries and filled me with thoughts about nature.

Nature is the best purest distraction.

And when I would open the door to my cottage, my mind would be smiling and contented. There is nothing am thinking about other than that moment when my escort finishes his story, waits for me to get in and smiles with a  goodnight, till I close the door and leave him on the other side where the hippos and the darkness dwell.

Such a peaceful closure of my day.

I kid you not, I have slept like a baby every night there and nature has been my icing on the cake in every dream; a view of black and white stripes, low sounds of the hippo, jumpy monkeys in my wedding, way out of hand I know.

I wish I could set a switch in my brain to always dream of such for the rest of my life, my soundlessly chilled moments.

Those moments are good for our mental state.

Your mind tires from time to time and without room for rest, or emptiness or reboot, its crashing session reins closer than you think.

Empty your mind. Be at that current state. Breathe. Don’t think. Don’t contemplate. Just enjoy the massage that silence and emptiness gives you. Hold on to it. Let the mind sleep with the silent echoes for a while and let the current horizon sweep you off your feet.

Once reality comes your way, your mind will be as good as new. It will provide higher performance, better results, faster adjustments, new ideas and old ideas with new formation because of that soundlessly chilled moment where you were distressed and distracted.

My factor is nature.

For some it may be good food, good reads, body exercises, you name it.

Find your factor and be soundlessly chilled.

With a good mind, good decisions are made.


Happy Reading 💚





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