Pull the trigger

Episode 7

“No! Don’t! “

“Why not? It’s better now than never”

“But does it have to be now? Honestly? You got a whole life ahead of you.”

” I just feel it is time. Time to pull the trigger! “

My mind is in a whirl as am looking at the famous and elegant ‘Felicity Blossom’.
This semester, her locker is actually next to mine.

She never liked me unfortunately but it never bothered me.

But as she is standing next to her locker, can’t help but want to engage with her.

I want to pull the trigger.

She may blow up like an avalanche but at least I will get to know what is her deal with me, right?

So here goes…

…and am back!

Look at her go!

What can I say, so much to take in.

At some point I was just staring as she blabbered.

How could it be that Felicity Blossom was jealous of me?

So here is what happened.
Once I said hi to her , she burst out, as expected.

Next thing I know we had our lockers closed and we sat on the balcony; not close though.
She still wanted to keep her reputation.

She talked about difficulty with school and her parents not getting along at home.
They always lavished her with shopping money to get her away from the mess at home.

And I , of all people, thought money is everything.
We agreed not to be friends but I could help with school work since I was the first in class.

As she went her, she sent a smile my way.

I pulled the trigger and felt good.

“You see. It was not so bad”

“You just got lucky”

“Oh come on. The worst thing she could do is electrocute me”

“Let us go to class before you get to do something else silly”

“Roger that Roger”

So Roger, my best friend, and I went for our Literature class.
The one thing Rodger did not understand is that sometimes one needs to pull the trigger to start a dialogue.

A dialogue is a powerful tool to discover something with another person.
It helps achieve clarity and hunt for one’s inner reflection.
It portrays one’s weakness which ends up being another person’s strength; thus help is bestowed.

So when you can, pull that trigger and release those bullets of hope and help.

Felicity’s smile was the diamond extracted from our Dialogue mine.

Happy Reading 💚


Warrior of the Light

Image Credits to:   Stephen Leonardi


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