Victimized on the African soil

This is my hardest article to put down.

How do I say I feel the pain without sounding so cynical?

Am I allowed to say that as I was reading What is the What by Dave Eggers, I understood Valentino Achak Deng’s experiences and the other Sudanese people’s pain?

There are some things which  are so difficult to admit without looking hypocritical.

But I will say this, thank you.


Thank you for the dedicated time to provide a detailed description of the dark times and the emphasis of every torturous event that took place during the Darfur Genocide.

Thank you for the clear visual scenes that left me at one point raising my hand to my chest just imagining that bullet that hit the striving mother who swam out of Gilo river as she is holding her baby. How can I say that I felt that pain when I was not there. It is just so hard.

Thank you for showing the world that reality is not about luxury but the idea of staying together in a camp and making the best out of it despite the cold, mosquitoes, tears, wounds and hunger all around. How much respect I have. How can I say my heart feels for you when yet I am not with you right now.

I remember too well how I felt numb flipping through the last few  pages of the book. How does one go through so much and still have the strength to walk and transport the past to his present; both good and bad.

How humbled I am Valentino for your extraordinary life.

So much suffering, love, hope and it being too real.

You were victimized on the African soil but your heart and mind were as strong as an ox.


Happy Reading 💚


What is the What


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