Spruce up

You hear that slow classic music that makes you tap elegantly to the rhythm, that which tickles your fancy all through and allows your hair to sway flawlessly?

That ladies, is called the music of Love, Passion and Romance.

I love these three cherries in relationships.

I am trying to imagine courtship without these three; kinda scary and unclear.

It’s like taking a choking cold Mountain Dew in a cold weather, kicks you off terribly.

Love is the sky; it’s always there whenever you look up.

In relationships, Love is that never-ending affection that you give to your partner and enjoy doing it.

If you don’t, you better ask somebody.

Passion is the Sun and Romance, the Moon.

Passion is a thirsty flame that lights up from time to time and quenched by the partner’s focus and attention.

Romance is magical.

Author Sylvia Day of Don’t Tempt Me can attest to that.

It lures one into a climax that deepens your soul and trembles your body. It is the slow touch and the rhythmical events and understanding of the other’s desire that fills a good glass of Romance wine.

It’s hard not to want the three scoops of ice-cream in your relationship bowl.

They spruce up the life together and makes it worth while.

Relationship becomes your small precious heaven on earth.

Love. Passion.Romance

Happy Reading 💚


Don’t Tempt Me

Image Credits to:    Georgia de Lotz


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