Two Life muffins

Episode 6

As am having one of my deep thoughts, I am standing in front of a bakery counter waiting for my two delicious muffins to be packed.

Had to leave home for work early so I had no breakfast but these muffins hit the right spot.

However, the two vanilla muffins writing on is of a different concept.

Other than sex, there are experiences that warm the heart and create that musical contagious and genuine happiness.

I always love when my best friend tries to make me laugh after a tiring day and he’s having a party wherever he is.

For some, they would question him as such:

Who is in the party? Anyone I know?

Any ladies? And how are they dressed?

Are they making a move on you?

Are you strong enough to overcome the temptations?

What strengthens relationships?

Trust and Love are the two vanilla muffins I am referring to.

I love vanilla ‘anything’ and have you had a delicious muffin in a cold day with some hot chocolate? Amazeballs.

They are the two pillars that are underestimated when yet they are the answers to sanity in relationships.

They go hand in hand and provide good results that make you both happy!

Relationships are not so bad, we just pick up those that we think are good.

Trust and Love is one focus.

With Trust, for ladies, you do not have to worry about the phrase “All men are dogs”; which is not true.

With trust, taking your man’s word is easy with no question marks and there will be individual growth for both of you and no trouble from other women man-hunting your man

 Love is pure and harvests happiness, laughter and peace.

If you are in a relationship, let us hold on to the two refreshing  muffins, and for those not in one, we are enlightened for the future.


Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to:  Toa Heftiba



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