Self Architect

Episode 5

As human beings, we have the desire to be the best.

Sometimes we make a mess out of ourselves and feel lost but we desire to start afresh.

There are people who have struggled to climb back on top of their life ladder but they are stuck because of lack of resources in their lives like motivation and leadership.

In our life cycle, we voluntarily thirst for 5 life aspects that require our efforts and zeal as self-architects to mold ourselves

First, defensiveness.

It is our natural act to defend that which we hold dear, it may be our work, our possession or even our thoughts.

You may believe in sex after marriage and you are willing to defend that reason even if it’s in odds with the amazing Nora Roberts; who banks for passion and romance during the quest to find Love.

Second, self promotion.

There are times when you excel in something which is a big deal but nobody has felt the hit which is normal.

Instead of fuming as to why hard work is not noticed, why not fuel that conquest of space with something that cheers you up.

Tap yourself on the bank, you will be amazed by its impact on your next task.

Let you make you feel worthy.

Third, self confidence.

Self confidence requires practice giving birth to confidence.

You become sure of your tasks and firm with your decisions because you have a sense of reason.

It’s never an easy road since self confidence walks hand in hand with his ally, self motivation.

Say ‘I can do this’ in your mind, then make the first strides of doing it and viola you motivated yourself enough to gain the confidence to finish the race.

Fourth, confession.

I enjoy the song ‘Two Wrongs‘ by  Wycliffe John.

It’s true.

Even if you have that confidence in yourself, don’t misunderstand it with high ego or arrogance.

When you make a wrong, try to make it right.

Don’t stand up for your wrong deed because the next step will be a wrong turn creating two wrongs.

You are heading farther to the dark pit and you will lose yourself enough that you will look at the mirror and not recognize who you have become.

Learn to confess to yourself you have done wrong and make amends.

Lastly, the attempt to put things right.

Putting things right reduces clutter in your life.

If you study a human action, the wrong deed has a longer bad aftermath than a right one.

Maintain doing right and better results follow and less stressful drama for you.

I love simplicity and remembering my role as a self  architect makes it simpler because the 5 life aspects make up a plan to structure a stronger and firmer life architecture for me.

Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to:  Jazmin Quaynor


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