Withers, blossoms

Episode 7

Today I had an unusual day but it ended with a smile on my face because of one genuine Sudanese man.

I don’t think his intention was to make us laugh but he damn well did a good job at it.

90% of the passengers were giggling, laughing or smiling in the minivan.

He didn’t show any seriousness or upset from our giggles or laughs and neither did he look worried or scared being a stranger in a foreign country.

Furthermore, he did not even expect what he said would lighten up people’s moods but he was happy he did.

After getting myself together from the contagious laugh, I decided to look through the window.

My eyes were stuck on the road but my thoughts weren’t.

The Sudanese man reminded me that we do not choose our lives.

Our lives choose us.

Many things blossom and wither in our lives but it’s life.

You cannot run away from or ignore it.

You can only accept it with open arms.

For a person who had a long overwhelming day keeping up with work schedule, I would never have thought of laughing that much.

It felt so good I did not want to stop.

The Sudanese man reminded me of something else.

‘Don’t beat yourself up’.

Life is full of blooming flowers and dried up leaves.

It’s life.

To survive it, one should learn to understand there is a reason for ‘it’ happening or not happening.

It may not be clear at that moment but it gets vivid with time.

Life is the cactus in the desert; it’s the fresh waters in the lake.

It’s the fire wax during New Year; it’s the gunshots during a hero’s funeral.

It’s the first cry of a new born; it’s the laugh of a politician over his citizens.

Life is life!

It withers, it blossoms.

Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to: Evelyn


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