One step at a time

Episode 8

As am writing the title of this post, I’m tempted to sing along to Jordin Spark’s  song.

I woke up today morning feeling lazy and it just looked like one of those ‘lay-back-in-bed’ kind of days.

I wanted to pick up my phone and inform my project manager that I was under the weather.

But was I really?

3 months have passed this year, and today in a long time, I woke up like this.

Should I fuel the state with the call or man-up and pull myself out of the sinking sand?

I decided to go to the washroom with the idea to come back to bed.

Once I was done, I sat on the bed and realized I was starving, so I went to the kitchen and made something to bite and drink.

I went with my breakfast to bed and ate as I read my current read Act of Treason by Vince Flynn.

By the time I was done with breakfast, I brushed my teeth and arranged my room then lay in bed.

Then it hit me that I no longer wanted to stay in bed.

Actually I felt sanely better and was now longing to go to work.

I made baby steps that led me to my endpoint.

I no longer needed that phone call.

I scooted to work, and it may sound cliche but I had the best day.

Made me wonder, what if I didn’t make that one small step ( to go to pee), would it have been a bad day?

Sometimes in life we are piled up with so much bulk.

Performing a small action may look like a waste of time but it is easier to tackle.

We are bound to love that which is easy; it’s man’s butter.

When you feel like you need to do something but you are stuck , just jump start with the easiest and smallest portion.

You want to pass your exams, start by just writing your study schedule plan.

You want to excel in public speaking, read a page of text aloud everyday to build confidence.

Small steps lead to other small steps and your strides lead to the destination.

As Paulo Coelho puts it, “…small things lead to great transformations…

If I met him right now, I would invite him for a cup of coffee to indulge.

Thank you Paulo Coelho as always.

Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to: Lindsay Henwood


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