Life’s Exit Plan

Episode 9

Love is such a beautiful breathe of fresh air at the blue Indian ocean.

It is a solution to many problems in our lives when yet we go to scientists and technicians.

It is an invisible life’s exit plan.

I enjoy my best friend’s company; He’s a charmer, a giver and lover of life.

Before I met him, nature and food was my Love. Still are, but second to him.

What is your life’s exit plan?

What or who brings love to your life?

It’s essential to identify that which you love because love is patient and kind; generous and sincere; it has all good and good is all that we need in our universe.

Darkness has a way of clouding our minds: and Love has a way of clearing all that up.

Torture has a way of manifesting itself: but Love and Hope can make a difference.

Depression and solitude has a way of draining us out of existence, but Love brightens the stars in our lives.

Life’s exit plan is Love.

Thank you for the amazing time through the series.

Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to:  Juan Gomez


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