Learn to Love

Episode 10

I cannot get enough of Love.

Wherever I go, I learn the way out is Love.

This one singular strong powerful word conquers all.

A world full of Love is standing in the middle of a garden full of blue roses under the beautiful sun with a touch of cool breeze; simply heaven.

I am hooked to love, loving and being loved; the whole deal.

Writing through my last episode of Living is Loving series feels like jumping off a plane with a parachute; anxious and excited at the same time.

My message from Paulo Coelho to you, “Learn to Love.”

Just as we learn a new recipe or a new game, let’s take time to show and practice Love.

It’s a continuous lesson of life.

There will never be a last class for this course.

It transforms us to be better and happier with life; contented, purposeful and whole.

“… Life is not a long vacation, but a constant learning process…”, by Paulo Coelho.

Thank you Paulo Coelho for the amazing and in-depth novel  ‘Adultery’.

The best guide to living with love.

Living is Loving.

Happy Reading 💚



Image Credits to: Lacie Slezak


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