Biological clock ticking

We transform through different stages of life, but parenthood is one that we don’t jump into with full confidence because of the unexpected events that occur which require experience to be understood even after reading as many books.

Experience is key.

Some ladies have an easy breakthrough during pregnancy than others.

Women’s physique react differently depending on various factors; food quantity consumed, alcohol intake, frequency of body exercise, increase in cortisol and much more.

Men have an effect on their women too.

Their experiences with their own fathers, fear of responsibility and emotions has an impact on the woman’s pregnancy stage.

Mr. Don Tillman, an Australian visiting professor of medicine at Columbia and leading researcher on the link between autism and liver cancer, indulged us in his journey of discovery into fatherhood.

From The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion, Don analyzes and gains knowledge on Rosie’s pregrnancy.

Through the 9 months, he gets into trouble because of being himself; a geek of his kind.

He reminds me of Colin from  An Abundance of Katherines by John Green.

He helps his friends in their life defects as he searches for his own resolution.

He messes up with Rosie but still innocently tries to amend their relationship in as many ways than one.

Don Tillman is an adorable package with good intentions.

It would be an honor to go into parenthood with the thirst of knowledge and validity as Don Tillman.

The Rosie Effect  is like jumping off a moving train, one has to step up.

For future fathers out there,  it gets ugly because everything you do apparently  is wrong.

The session shall pass.

We are bound to mess up, feel vulnerable and anxious.

But just as the biological clock keeps ticking per second and not per minute, we need to take a breathe, slow down and smell the roses.

Take another breathe and settle our minds .

Fatherhood and motherhood is like wine, it gets better as time fades.

Happy Reading 💚


The Rosie Effect

Image Credits to:  Andrea Bertozzini


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