Meet me halfway

Let’s chitchat on the things we do with so much certainty and reason, and then halfway we get stuck.

Most of us have been there.

After dragging one month with the novel Perfect Match by Jodi Picoult due to a reading slump, I am very happy I took time to venture into the 388 pages.

I realized that at some point we all are Mrs. Nina Frost , Nathaniel’s mother.

The desire to do the ‘right’ thing is inevitable despite there being a bad consequence afterwards.

At unfortunate times, we intellectually calculate benefits of performing a wrong deed for the common good but in reality it backfires halfway.

There are times, because of love, we perform the unbelievable actions and we brainwash ourselves that it’s obviously right since love is in the mix.

When bad drama consumes later on, so much regret and depression sinks in.

Unfortunately we cannot backstroke life.

It runs forward like a flowing river and never stops till it dries up (death).

In certain times, we meet halfway when we take short-wrong routes.

Short-wrong routes feel right and easy but not worth it.

There is a reason a bowl of patience is necessary in our lives.

With patience, a milkshake of peace accompanies it.

Logically, through a long-right route, we don’t have to meet halfway regularly or desperately search for hope, help and shelter to escape from reality.

Keep away from trouble, easy way outs, blinded obsessions, excess self-ego and mistaken love.

Till we meet again halfway, but not so soon I hope.

My little algebra inspired by Jodi Picoult:

good(Action) +  good(Intention) = good(Consequences)

good(Action) +  bad(Intention) = bad(Consequences)

bad(Action) +  good(Intention) = bad(Consequences)

bad(Action) +  bad(Intention) = bad(Consequences)


Happy Reading 💚


Perfect Match

Image Credits to: Jeremy Bishop


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