The Footprints of Love

In the intimate world, we believe in meeting Mr. or Miss Right.

But how does one know?

Are there traits to look for?

And are the traits common to all?

What if Mr. or Miss Right slips out from your life without notice, how and when do you realize it?

And if he or she slips back in, does it stir up anything?

A bunch of unanswered questions and I am just getting started.

How about those who have had numerous Mr and Miss Rights?

Now that is a roller-coaster with unplanned pleasant and painful ventures.

What interests me is the footprints of every lover that crossed their path.

Each footprint holds a story.

Each story wraps up an individual’s experience.

Each experience visualizes the best and bitter moments.

Imagine if every lover had his or her intimate life written on paper.

It may be assumed that the stories would be the same, however, just as authors like Nora Roberts and Sylvia Day keep writing, there is a unique tale in every lover’s life.

The footprints of love last however much time passes; from a lost love, to a current one, to a fantasy one.

Our lives are a red rib-boned package of love accounts.

Just for the record, intimacy is not romance.

Intimacy has more depth with physical indulgence out of the picture.

It is substantial and gives reason to care, share and relate with this one person you love.

Enjoyed another read Ask For It by Sylvia Day.

As always she warms up the beauty of intimacy.


Happy Reading 💚


Ask For It

Image Credits to: Felipe Correia


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