Curvy, colorful and cute

It’s pleasing whenever I see another lady on the street dressed up all color-coded, cute with loop earrings, hair swaying, a charming knee-lengthen skirt and a light bright blouse that accentuate her bosoms with a pink fitting coat over it.

And I forgot, carrying her Louis Vuitton handbag that matches with her red heels.

Breathe taking!

It says a lot about women.

We are symbols of curving, colors and cuteness.

Curvy. We look for shapes on what we buy, whether clothing or household stuff.

We were literally born curved and to curve.

Even our lives are curvy due to our undying emotions.

Colorful. We would willing fully drown into a surrounding full of smear of yellow, polka dots, red dots, green lines, crisscrossed patterns of blue with purple and even 5 shades of white.

We are drawn to color and the essence that comes with it.

We find a plain white wall and an idea generates to place a silver mirror on the wall, put a red long poof for sitting next to it and aside, a stand with a vase of blue roses.

It is inevitably towards gorgeousness.

Cute. Affection is in our skin.

Being fragile is our adorable aspect.

We are fruity and lovable.

Our soprano/alto voices call to men.

Why do you think men are attracted to us?

We are their opposites.

They are strong, tough and masculine.

We are curvy, colorful and cute.

Fine example of opposites attract.

Being a woman is beyond beautiful.

We are the best pack of fresh heaven made candy there is.

Happy Reading 💚

Image Credits to: George Bohunicky


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