Beautifully Wounded

I won’t take full credit for the wisdom am about to share.

It was a normal weekday, after work, I did my random short routine of Instagram.

I came across the wall of the amazingly driven and beautiful  Grace Sowairina Msalame and her latest post was a short video of a preaching by Sarah Jakes-Roberts, the daughter to the celebrity Bishop  T.D. Jakes.

The video was so short but that was the beginning of my obsession with the most transparent and graceful woman I have ever listened to.

I followed Sarah on Instagram and watched some more preaching by her and Interviews on YouTube.

When I say I was in love with her life is like pressing a blunt edge on my palm.

One doesn’t feel the full effect of the poke.

But with a sharp one, it pricks on you enough to react.

The latter is how I felt when I read through her life.

It did not take me long to buy her famous book Lost & Found Finding Hope in the Detours of Life.

The beautiful blue, white and black theme of the cover, and the smoothness of it slid me through to the anxiety to start already.

Reading the Foreword by her Dad, convinced me that this was definitely going to be a roller coaster.

I was ready to have my moments with Sarah and listen through my eyes as she illustrated her life in layers with Grace, Humility and Transparency.

I loved to learn and hated how fast I was close to the end past every flip.

After hearing her soothing and adorable voice from her preaching, reading this book felt like she was seated by me, hip to hip, just staring at her with my mouth shut because what could I honestly say?

I just want to listen.

Based on the book Lost & Found by Sarah Jakes, I am thrilled to announce on the new series in my blog Beautifully Wounded where we will embrace Sarah’s Wisdom in our daily lives.

Stay Tuned.

Happy Reading 💚


Lost & Found

Image Credits to:  Darren Nunis


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