Blurred Lines

Episode 1

…Time, like life, isn’t about how much we have, it’s about what we do with it…“, Sarah Jakes.

The world is flat, rotates day and night and revolves in seasons.

The world is based on time just like us.

Because of time, we want to consume all we can but at times we misunderstand the purpose of our actions.

Occasionally you may ask one why he or she is doing a certain thing and the responses are, ‘I don’t know’, ‘I just felt like it’, ‘I was in the moment’, ‘I took the chance when I had it’.

Life is based on quality not quantity.

You would rather do one thing knowing fully well your course than doing multiple agendas to feel more accumulated.

Intention. The focus of our actions is what brings fulfillment.

There is nothing as lost as performing an action just for the sake of it.

Then you have no reason of doing it.

No Intention.

When time is lost, it gets hard to retrieve it back but the current NOW can be embraced and it may make or break you depending on the reason for your action.

Consequence. What we decide to do with our time varies.

It may bear positive or negative results depending on the intention.

With good, the worth of the time is felt.

With bad, you feel like a rope has been tied around your neck and  being pulled backwards.

Service to others is one good intention that is considered contenting and whole for the longest time.

Admittedly, life is short, and just like Veronika in the book Veronika decides to die by Paulo Coelho, we should own our purpose and utilize the time we have left to do that which is worth.

Clearing the blurred lines on what we need to do is not easy since mistakenly at times we are certain the time is being used right when it is not.

There are factors to consider.

Try to imagine if you were about to die like Veronika was told, how would you want to use your remaining time and why.

The WHY destroys the blurred lines and restores focus for your living.

You will be restoring your path with the allocated time.


Happy Reading 💚


Lost & Found

Image Credits to:   Thomas Ensley


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