Flame over fuel

Episode 2

“Do we have to constantly infect the wounds of others by picking at their weaknesses?”, Sarah Jakes.

Once again, I am smitten by Sarah Jakes just because of these words.

I once related to them too deeply.

Am sure you have as well, one time or another.

I really don’t comprehend.

Where is the joy of making someone feel worse than they already are?

And what is wrong about having weaknesses?

Isn’t that what makes us human?

I have shared same grounds with such people, many times than I would want.

Whenever I would be around them, I would always expect a bullet of negativity to be triggered my way.

And it did.

I have had the habit of blocking negativity when I can and for this specific person in my life it got better.

You know why?

Because I got to understand her kind and why she would do that.

It made more sense and with that, I began pitying her.

Ever tried to pick out a weakness on such people?

Oooh all hell will break loose.

Their mentality is stationed with the concept that they are perfect and they are there to remind you that by airing out your weaknesses.

What better way, right?

Such mentality has no self growth, rather self destruction.

And conforming to their mentality is like rowing into the same boat to ruins.

As a victim of this, sometimes it is best to keep away to avoid consuming enough poison to kill your soul.

Remember life is like a beautiful melody , only the lyrics are messed up.

So you and your weaknesses do not make you less of a human.

For those with this preposterous behavior, they will hit the ground running but have no comfort at the end.

Never let such flame take over your life.

It is never worth it.

The most High knew you before you even knew yourself.

Therefore there is a purpose for your living no matter who tries to diminish that.

Whenever bumped into such agonizing situations, just put off the flame and live for the better.

Better is best.

Happy Reading 💚


Lost & Found

Image Credits to:   Xan Griffin


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