Behind closed doors

A secret is like a locked door always under surveillance with access control.

Different secured technologies are used to ensure what is behind that door is only leaked out  to those authorized to.

Beyond that, it becomes a risk; a risk one would not want to to run into.

That is why some people would rather not keep secrets and be as blunt as they can be; even if it will hurt the other.

It is safer and simpler.

Secrets, at first, resemble a good covered book, not until it is exposed/ the cover torn , then the book is bound for destruction; either have stains or have elephant ears.

From The Secret Lives of the Four Wives by Lola Shoneyin, Baba Segi was the good covered book until the cover began to tear and secrets were revealed one by one.

Bolanle, being introduced as the fourth wife, became the risk to the other three wives.

A risk that saved and destroyed at the same time.

A risk that led to the death of a child.

A risk that removed blindfolds from Baba Segi’s fraudulent life.

A risk that brought salvation to Bolanle to continue with her education.

A risk that enslaved the rest of the wives to live loyally to a man who is in pain and felt betrayed by them.

Behind any closed doors, there is a risk to consider.

Are you up for the risk or would you rather be blunt and simple?

Behind closed doors are the shadows of the door owners.

Happy Reading 💚


The Secret Lives of the Four Wives

Image Credits to:   Thomas Ensley


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