To be whole

Episode 3

“No matter how well things look on the outside, until you confront your wrongs, you cannot create rights,” Sarah Jakes.

It takes effort sometimes to admit one’s vulnerabilities.

Okay maybe most times.

Accepting you are human tends to make you inferior and nobody wants that.

There is always the thirst for power.

And the cup of power has no room for corrections.

Being corrected or correcting yourself portrays a form of instability and weakness.

Therefore, one would rather shut eyes to the  suggestions and requests to feel under control.

Unfortunately, the story later ends with the ‘Pride comes before a fall’ theme.

At no point in time, will one’s misconducts bring greatness.

One would have a taste of the honey in the pot but mishaps are bound to occur.

Sometimes we question how very extinguished people get through with their wickedness.

What we see outwardly are the less important aspects in life; fame, material possessions, praise, you name it.

However, to understand the human’s well being, we must dig deeper.

Do they have joy?

Are they fulfilled spiritually?

Do they feel love?

As Sarah Jakes intelligibly and modestly puts it, to be able to do good, we need to accept the wrongs we have done and develop from the lessons that come with them.

It is the change that harmonizes the outward state with the inward.

With the equity, there is more peace and contentment; more tranquility and serenity.

One is whole.

Happy Reading 💚


Lost & Found

Image Credits to:   Julia Janeta


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