Profit over people

The Hades Factor  by Robert Ludlum is a perfect illustration of how money has become a form of god in our current society.

With money, attracts power and luxury.

Money is not evil.

It is how much atrociousness one is willing to do to acquire that money that is weighed.

Victor Tremont is a perfect example of some of our leaders today.

You will witness that a leader is willing to silence and torture his people to get through to his opponents.

Since when did people become  just a heap of flesh?

Is it worth degrading a human’s existence just to find your way to the material mine called Money?

Is it?

It has been a long read but I love the idea of generating portraits that relate to our current now.

Thankfully, the victor, John Smith, unfolded the unseen and sick deeds of the villain with the help of his friends Randi, Peter Howell, Bill Griffin (still not sure if he was a true friend) and the geek Marty Zellerbach.

I hope there are John Smiths out there somewhere saving our innocence from the hungry creatures that are willing to sell our souls for profit.

As always, Robert Ludlum knows how to travel with me through his articulate words and descriptive scenes.

I have actually read the other books in the Covert-One series, but now is when am done with the first book.

A real bummer, right?

Anyway, I have enjoyed the slow and smooth dance with my favorite author through the 400 + pages.

Let’s put people first over any other materialistic quests.

Happy Reading 💚


The Hades Factor

Image Credits to:    Michael Longmire


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